About Meditation Programme

Our sages had a holistic approach to living a divine life, i.e. living in this world at the same time detaching them with the mundane subjects. They propounded the external development of the outer world as well as the inner world which formed the roots of our culture. Unfortunately, mankind has lost this tradition. Those who gave the solution to the world are themselves suffering from problems. SUBIS is working for the harmony of religion and global peace. Meditation is the precious gift of our sages to the humankind. It is now accepted worldwide by Scientists, Academicians and Holistic Practitioners that meditation brings mental peace and presents possibilities to solve our mental and health problems. Besides, it also provides opportunities to lean & learn inwards by leading to awakening the superconscious. Our ancient sages and seers though deep meditation gained insight about the benefits of meditation and so gave birth to the Philosophy & practice of Yoga. They realized that regular meditation does alter the chemistry of the brain, resulting in peace and calmness which was hitherto unknown to the participant. Meditation, if consistently practiced, leads to knowledge of oneself on all levels. Its experience changes the direction of life. Similarly, Sanchi University is planning to synchronize all works related to meditation by establishing Meditation Centers of various knowledge trends under the guidance of the School of Sanatan Dharma and Indic Studies.



The first two days will be dedicated to the real understanding of fundamentals of meditation:
•  About Meditation
•  Philosophy of Meditation
•  How meditation evolves naturally
•  Stages of meditation
•  Experiences en route


Meditate through different techniques along with prime focus on:
•  Genesis of particular method
•  Philosophy behind the method
•  How it works?
•  Possibilities and limitations
•  Obstacles of meditation
•  Preparation for meditation
•  Meditation practice with steps
•  Individual experiences about meditation




Venue - SUBIS, Academic Campus, Barla

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